The world of work needs to change.

“What if every day everyone in London woke excited about going to work?” An interesting thought and it’s time to make it a reality…

On average we spend 90,000 hours at work during our lifetime and we believe it has to be a place that challenges, engages, inspires and makes us happy.

For too many of us it’s a place we don’t enjoy, some fear, a place to resent, to only do just enough and to not enjoy. The world would be a much better place if we loved our job. We would be happier, our performance levels would soar, our careers would flourish, companies would perform better, economies would grow – there would be peace and harmony (well almost).

We have an opportunity to make this happen and bring about change, to disrupt the status-quo and not accept the way things have ‘always been done’.

MyLondonWorks is a movement to modernise the workplace and help businesses to make every possible improvement to look after their people in a different and more exciting way.

By promoting the debate, by creating a platform to share ideas, by raising our expectations of our employer and by asking employers to find ways of making every possible improvement to looking after their people…we hope that MyLondonWorks makes all this happen by creating a following of people and businesses who want more from their working experience and environment.

We think this is all rather exciting and if you are ready to re-imagine, re-think and influence what work could really be like, we would love you to be involved…