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Success stories

We take a look at some of the biggest names that are looking after their employees!


Wolverine Worldwide have made their benefit packages as bendable as rubber. With perks that suit every lifestyle, they call this the Wolverine Way. Set up through a flexible spending account their benefits include tuition reimbursement for those wishing to further their career, as well as on-site day care access for those who prefer to build their family.

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RIOT GAMES SPOTLIGHT: Having a Riot at Work

Not surprisingly, considering their status as Fortune’s 13th best company to work for, Riot Games are a company that values fun. Their benefits range from free food to optional daily League of Legends playtests.

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HUDDLE SPOTLIGHT: For The Funderbirds the sky’s the limit

Huddle really live up to their name when it comes to benefits. Involving the whole team, the options are endless and fit into anybody’s calendar. With a £500 gift, lovingly named the Huddle Cuddle, to spend on anything they’d like, employees are already on the right foot to treat themselves.

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