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We take a look at some of the biggest names that are looking after their employees!

MOO CARDS SPOTLIGHT: The cream of the crop

With 23% of Moo’s employees enjoying a promotion in 2015, Moo are incredibly committed to progressing their staff’s careers. They give them incredible opportunities to ‘grow tall’ and not just through their weekly space hopper competitions.

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MAILCHIMP SPOTLIGHT: More than just monkeying around

MailChimp like to keep their employees education opportunities fun, and although they do enjoy the odd conference, their perks are usually far from ordinary. With the opportunity to receive a $20,000 tuition reimbursement being just the tip of the iceberg, they’re all about making learning less stressful.

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HUBSPOT SPOTLIGHT: A hub of knowledge

Hubspot are as dedicated to growing their employees as they are to growing their company. Offering master classes throughout the business, they encourage shared learning, with staff gaining skills from each other in everything from presentation skills to Photoshop.

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INNOCENT SPOTLIGHT: Too much fun? Guilty!

To anybody familiar with Innocent Smoothies, it’s not surprising that they have an abundance of fun perks available to their employees. With the benefits feeding into their brand image, it’s not just the obvious gift of free smoothies every day, which make their employees so happy.

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CLOUDREACH SPOTLIGHT: Making people feel at home

Cloudreach take their employees comfort seriously, but this doesn’t just extend to their office filled with bean bags and snacks. Eager for new starters to feel immediately at home, they offer the choice of computing software and a smart phone with either iOS or Android software, meaning no time is lost confused about settings.

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HEDGEHOG LAB SPOTLIGHT: Hogging all 5 stars

With a perfect 5 out of 5 score at Glassdoors Best Employers Awards, Hedgehog Lab are up there with the pros. And although they offer perks like flexible working hours and unlimited holiday, it’s what their employees do whilst they’re at work that makes the real difference to their culture.

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Founded by two computer science graduates, it’s no surprise that Smarkets places a whole lot of importance on the infrastructure they give their staff. Offering the best tech money can buy, their trust in their employees is paramount.

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EXPEDIA SPOTLIGHT: Flying high with Expedia

Matching their diverse team of over 14,000 employees, Expedia have created a multi-dimensional and changeable benefits package. Offering travel discounts to match their competitive vacation policy, their employees can make the most of working for a travel company.

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BOXED SPOTLIGHT: A benefits package with a bow on top

Boxed say they’re ‘devoted to people’, and that commitment isn’t just to their customers, but their community and employees too. Offering full healthcare benefits as standard, CEO, Chieh Huang is determined to take as much stress away from his staff as possible.

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