Our manifesto

We know every employee is different and so of course every workplace is different but these key promises connect every MyLondonWorks recognised company. Could you tick them all off?


We are committed

to supporting the mental health of our workers and maintain a support system for every employee.


We are dedicated

to ensuring the financial wellbeing of all of our people and strive to ensure monetary issues are not a detriment to our employee’s general wellbeing.


We are a Living Wage

as we believe every employee has the right to be able to LIVE.


We have a system in place

where employees can go to discuss issues related to both the workplace, their mental health, and their home lives, without fear of retribution.


We are dedicated

to ensuring equal rights and representation across all levels of the business.


We provide

all of our employees with the tools they need to execute their roles effectively.


We recognize

we recognize that development is integral to employee happiness and provide our employees with training and career planning to help them to progress.


Our pay packages

reflect the modern workplace and allow our employees to choose how to receive their benefits in a way that best suits them.

© 2020 My London Works.
Hello! MyLondonWorks is a movement started by Finance and Technology recruitment agency, Goodman Masson. For many our strategic ambition ‘To treat our people better than any other business’ is unusual…but something we take very seriously. We live in a world where every morning we wake excited about going to work, do you? It’s time to make London a great place to work.