Our Advice

The force and need for change is strong…and starts with YOU.

Our fascination with modernising the workplace comes from hearing endless stories of the collective failure of businesses to make our working experience one that we enjoy. We want to wake everyday excited about going to work.

And we believe we all want

  • The tools and infrastructure so we can come to work and do a great job.
  • To feel like we are developing and our careers are moving forward.
  • A different and more creative approach to pay and reward.
  • To work in an environment that is fun to be a part of and that we don’t want to leave.

MyLondonWorks recognises this and wants to make it a reality.

We’ve written a book for you to download so you can read about how to make all this happen. And we are sharing the stories we hear in the hope that it provides you with ideas for change.

‘Inspire employees and businesses to make a change at work. Changes which make work a place we love and also that supports profitable growth.’

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