Discover Goodman Masson

Goodman Masson is the parent company of MyLondonWorks. It was the changes we were making within our own offices that inspired us to share the knowledge we learnt and which spawned MyLondonWorks.

Founded in 1993 by Paul Goodman, as a response to what he felt was a failing by the industry to put their people first, our principles and the way we work has remained the same.

Goodman Masson might be the chosen recruiter for many top companies, in London, Dusseldorf and most recently New York, but we are also so much more than that.

we are not your typical

We help companies grow by finding great people and helping others find new and exciting opportunities.

Challenging conventional wisdom, we want to be known as the first recruitment company to help its clients keep their people by sharing our knowledge of the modern workplace.

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Hello! MyLondonWorks is a movement started by Finance and Technology recruitment agency, Goodman Masson. For many our strategic ambition ‘To treat our people better than any other business’ is unusual…but something we take very seriously. We live in a world where every morning we wake excited about going to work, do you? It’s time to make London a great place to work.