Goodman Massons Guide to Businesses Buddying Up

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In the past collaborations have usually been reserved for designers and other creatives, now it seems everybody wants a piece of the action. Over the years, joint marketing campaigns have become a popular way to advertise your services, whilst keeping costs down and tapping into a new market. Now these campaigns involve sharing goods, contributing to new designs and creating an altruistic brand image.

Last month it was announced that Apple and Amazon, who’ve fought a long-standing and widely publicised rivalry for years now, have eventually started to play nicely. Finally realising that they’ll do each other more good than harm, the two have lifted a ban on the others streaming devices. Amazon Prime, which has held the number 2 streaming service spot, only below Netflix, will now be welcomed on to Apple TV, giving the fruity company a much needed boost. Apple have famously taken a 15% cut of App revenue from those that use their service, however rumour has it that they’ve dropped that fee significantly for their new bed-fellow. In return, Amazon will be rolling out sales on Apple TV, something they’ve refused to do until now.

Whilst once the two companies were hesitant to be in the same room, now it seems they can’t get enough of each other. With Forbes announcing the possible joint business venture that would lead Apple and Amazon to join forces with Foxconn and Dell, in order to buy out Toshibas chip business, they’ve added two more friends to their gang.
The technology sector aren’t the only ones to announce a partnership this quarter however, with John Lewis and Waitrose publicising a testing of their new joint marketing campaign. Both under the flagship of The John Lewis Partnership, it’s not surprising that they’ve chosen each other to team up with and their aims are mainly to ensure customers use both services, rather than just one.

Here at Goodman Masson, our main partner is sister company My London Works, which on its own has more friends than the Fonze. Just last month MLW joined up with Fifty.Digital, for an Instagram Takeover and through their aim to make London a better place to work, are constantly getting involved in office projects.

Partnerships with other companies aren’t just a way to cut costs, they can also raise funds, which we’ve seen between The Global Fund and Gap, Apple and Vespa, through their (RED) campaign. They’re also a proven way to improve relations, not just between the two of you but also your extended circle. So whether you were once in a different clique or its love at first sight, give it a go. You might be perfect for each other.

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