Weird and wonderful benefits

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In the modern workplace, we’re all familiar with the traditional benefits packages and in our capital city even pool tables and trips to Europe are becoming old hat. Perks at Google and Facebook have been well publicised, so we all know slides are available as a way of getting into the office whilst simultaneously reliving our childhoods. However a new generation of companies have got their thinking caps on firmly and are providing us with brand new ways of wowing us.

Here’s our round up of the weird and wonderful benefits you’ve probably never heard of…

Residing in a castle, you don’t have to go far at Money HQ for some serious wow moments. Kit out with life-size cuddly polar bears as well as rock and roll themed loos, stepping into their offices is like walking into a playground for adults. Every room is themed so that the fun doesn’t stop at their aptly named Pow Wow room. In fact, they even have an in-house cinema, which transports you straight into the Millennium Falcon.

Riot Games
It’s not surprising that at Riot Games, you will genuinely have a riot. Despite offering £25 pcm for staff to spend on their choice of games, turning wow into WoW, employees don’t actually have to leave the office to get their geek on, as the gaming company offer an on-site arcade… And for those who prefer to go old school? Staff can join monthly board game nights.

Missing Link
It’s no great mystery as to why Adzuna describes Missing Links offices as “completely off the wall”. Containing a fireman’s pole and a tree house, they’ve redefined the workplace as we know it. Allowing clients to compete at shooting presentation clichés, their shooting range is nestled next to a deli caravan and you can even commemorate your time there at their in-house (free) tattoo studio, wittily named “Missing Ink”.

Taking work life balance to its extreme, Akraya ensures when their staff get home, it’s not to spend time hoovering. Paying for a professional cleaning service to clean employee’s homes is just one of the many perks this IT Company provide.

Mind Candy
Based in Shoreditch, Mind Candy, the creators of Moshi Monsters, have offices that even their characters would love to hang out in. With a woodland theme, complete with grass coloured flooring, play is encouraged here. Employees are also given all the latest gadgets to get to grips with, including their very own virtual reality headset.

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