The Rise of Company Retreats

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We’ve come a long way from trust falls and “yes and…” improv games, with team-bonding trips taking on a whole new importance when it comes to the modern workplace. (You can take a look at some of our sister company, Goodman Masson’s favourite day-trips here)  It seems for some company’s, however, a day trip simply isn’t cutting it anymore, and not one to let Michael Eavis have all the fun, businesses are creating their very own festival-style retreats, complete with music, leadership talks and okay, the occasional trust fall.

Last weekend, WeWork, hosted an all-out bonanza featuring Florence and the Machine, Two Door Cinema Club and BYOB. Their sixth year running the festival, the company invited employees, members and guests to join them for a weekend filled with lawn games, archery, dancing and yoga all in an attempt to both get away from work, and make the most of work. The ‘summer camp’ for adults, perfectly encapsulated WeWorks ethos, that the workplace is a place that brings us together, is a place that should engage and inspire us.

“Summercamp is both an escape from the office and an unparalleled experience for our community. It’s a chance for us to connect outside of work, and simply live fully and freely for a few days”

Not entering this venture alone, WeWork join Stylist magazine, who’s ‘Festival of Inspiration’ is set to land in November. In its brand-new home at Olympia London, the three-day event features comedy, food, and interviews with experts, in an attempt to help its attendees both further their careers and kick back in a nurturing environment.

“From the morning routines of successful women to boozy book readings, this is a weekend of empowerment, entertainment, and influence at its best.”

These work-style retreats, paving the way for the future, have completely abandoned the traditional conference style talks and activities, in place of casual round tables and bonding over a shared love of indie music. Much more appealing to younger workers, they allow for networking opportunities to naturally occur, leaving the days of business card swapping behind, for tagged Instagram posts and Facebook friendships.

So maybe next year, we’ll all be swapping out Glastonbury to go to a ‘work thing’.