Welcoming new employees like a pro

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Starting a new job can be tense, transporting us back to our school days worries often abound about just how we’ll fit in. The way we welcome our employees then is crucial to how they feel about their new workplace, in fact, statistics show that 33% of new recruits have already made their minds up about whether they’ll stay at the company long-term, after only one week.

Starting the onboarding process before a new employee even steps foot in the office is the ideal way to ensure that first week is positive. Checking in about times and dress codes means that they can avoid childhood flashbacks to own-clothes day drama and be sure they’ll fit in with their new classmates.

Similarly sending out a simple postcard stating how happy you are they’re joining your team is a sure-fire way to help ease their nerves and begin the welcoming process.

When employees actually arrive assigning a buddy so they don’t sit alone at lunch or feel overwhelmed by faces without names, is essential. Whilst a new hire announcement stating fun facts about your fresh workmate can help facilitate conversations.

All of these tips are old hat however, with the new kid on the block being the full-blown welcome package. Ranging from a simple fact sheet and neighbourhood guide, to the more extravagant, with company merchandise, these boxes of fun have taken over the welcoming game.

To celebrate their arrival we’re taking a look at some of our favourites…

Ogilvy & Mather
Inspired by the famous eight habits of creative people, Ogilvy & Mather immediately present new recruits with the values of their company. Ranging from a slinky to a USB drive, the eight objects each represent a habit, with the company saying “these eight habits formed the ideology O&M was built on.”

Marketing technology company, Percolate are ahead of the game, sending their welcome pack out before new staff even arrive. Combining a t-shirt and mug with a Kindle, they ensure their recruits are well and truly ready for work, whilst their letter of congrats ensure new workers feel thoroughly wanted.

Setting their swag up on new employee’s desks, Workable’s welcome pack includes relevant reading material, enough stationary to shake a stick at and most impressively a brand new MacBook Pro. They also ensure their new employees have enough branded items of clothing so they don’t even have to open their mouths to show just how much they love their new company.

Not for the faint hearted, new starters at this creative agency, have to air an embarrassing story in front of the whole company on their first day. Breaking the ice, their red face buys them a welcome pack stuffed with sweets, lunch vouchers and a giant balloon, so their colleagues can locate just where they’re hiding their head.

It’s no great surprise that a company called Boxed would bring their A-game when it comes to welcome packs. With enough stickers for every piece of tech their new-starters have, their gifts are essential for helping newbies fit in. Combined with a new t-shirt, water bottle and stationary, the boxes slogan sums it all up, “The best things in life are boxed.”