Who’s playing the real ‘Game of Thrones’ in your office?

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With the release of Game of Thrones seventh and final season, we’re taking a look at the battles that happen quietly and without serenade every day in the workplace.

There have been plenty of battles for the top spot this year. From the US election to our own surprise leadership battle, all have ended in unprecedented results, much like the many shock deaths within George R.R Martins books. Behind our own walls, however, there could be a real Game of Thrones going on… Here’s how to watch out for the characters angling for the iron throne.

The Mother of Dragons
Whilst her USP is that she’s championing the people, it shouldn’t be forgotten that her end-game is to sit in the leader’s chair. Mentoring and general kindness might be in her wheel house but only as long as those under her don’t overstep their mark. The lesser evil on our list, it’s still best to keep close to the Khaleesi in your office, or risk getting burnt.

Unwaveringly loyal to the old ways, bosses who act like Cersei don’t react well to newcomers. She’ll do anything to get her own team to the top, even if it means stepping on those around her.

Lord Varys
An unusual addition to our list, the Varys in your office will never actually hold the top spot themselves, however, don’t let that trick you into believing they aren’t pulling the strings. Choosing to stay out of the firing line, they’re the real ones you should be impressing, for you can be sure they hold your bosses ear.

The Red Lady
Keen to make their mark, this new boss comes in all guns blazing. Instead of listening to experienced employees, they will try to assert their authority by making changes across the board. Complete upheaval never works however and whilst some changes might bring the company to life, they’ll end up destroying themselves in the process.

Jon Snow
Up and down, Snow isn’t quite sure he wants the position at the top. Although employing honourable intentions, his decisions can often put other people in danger and his naivety could ensure the whole business comes toppling down around his ears.

Although there are pros and cons to all of these bosses, when planning your route to the top it’s best to be Arya; bide your time, put in the work and move on when a situation no longer fits.

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