The places we all want to work, according to LinkedIn

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Last week LinkedIn published this year’s ‘top companies where the UK wants to work’ list. Run through an algorithm that would make Alan Turing‘s eyes water, the list is compiled of businesses with 500 or more employees (if you’re interested in how they did it you can read more here)

Made up of household names, we’ve taken their top five and analysed just what makes these companies so sought after.


With 2,700 employees at their HQ, Asos are the smallest company on the list. One of the few companies to actually benefit from the flagging pound, they’re putting their profits to good use and expanding their Camden base, to create 1500 more jobs, over the next few years. With plans to include multiple cafes, workout facilities, a library and concierge service, these jobs will be snapped up fast. Glassdoor puts their interview difficulty rating at 2.8 however, so it won’t be an easy process. As it stands benefits you can expect include subbed gym membership, sample sales and the ability to exchange annual leave for technology like iPads and Macbooks.

John Lewis Partnership

Topping the list for the second year running, the parent company of John Lewis and Waitrose, has a whopping 86,700 partners/co-owners. Their benefits are perfect for this sunny weather, with JLP holiday centres, sailing clubs, a golf course and exclusive suites at venues like the O2.

Arcadia Group

Despite a difficult year, in terms of publicity, the Arcadia Group have still managed to place high on LinkedIn’s list. With 24,000 employees worldwide, they keep their staff happy with 25% off all brands and a summer hour’s scheme. Glassdoor puts the difficulty of their interviews at 2.7, only slightly lower than their competitor, Asos.

Liberty Global

The least well-known name on the list, Liberty are the world’s largest TV and Broadband provider, and operate under the Virgin Media brand. They’re a little harder to crack with a 3.3 average difficulty rating, possibly due to their extensive benefits scheme and free lunches. Their staff are continuously learning and senior employees are offered the opportunity to attend IMD business school in Lausanne Switzerland.


With 5000+ employees, Harrods is a British institution. This year has seen them implement a newly expanded benefits scheme, with daily discounts and long service awards for those employees who’ve stuck with them through thick and thin.

One thing all of these companies have in common is their dedication to making their employees lives a little brighter, meaning the answer to our question, ‘What if every day everyone in London woke excited about going to work?’, is our workplaces would be much more successful places.