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How would it feel to wake up every morning feeling excited about your day of work ahead? This is the question we’ve been exploring over the last year, as we’ve nosedived into the world of the London workplace and discovered what organisations are doing to make this appealing idea a reality. Our exploratory journey into the world of work and life has been eye-opening, motivating and compelling in equal measures. We’ve discovered (and shared) all manner of work incentives, rewards, transformations and HR improvements. We’ve witnessed positive change taking place around us and have fully embraced our mission by practicing what we preach!

Striking a happy balance between the work day and the rest of life isn’t always easy. Life admin, childcare, health, relationships, emotions, lack of time, the daily commute – all of life’s twists and turns mean that the journey isn’t always a smooth one. Finding the balance, making good decisions and striving towards happiness takes dedication – and information. Our aim is to provide you with the latter – and inspire you to maintain the former!

“And so the adventure begins! Don’t just watch this space – join this space!”

Over this last year, we’ve encouraged you to get to know your city by keeping up with its topical stories, future developments and ever-changing social scene. We’ve encouraged you to take your lunch breaks and do more with your time. We’ve shared historical pictures of the city you know and love, shared charity incentives such as battling homelessness and mental illness – and we have shared innovative, fun and new ways to improve your health and diet. All of these elements together are crucial in creating a bigger picture of our lives within our capital city and pushing us to get emotionally involved in its future as well as our own.

If you’ve been following our Twitter, Instagram and blogs, you will be aware of the shift taking place in our capital city as we all play our part in re-shaping the future of work and the future of the workspace. Change IS happening around us, and we really hope you feel excited to be part of the movement.

With this firmly in mind, we’re now ready move onto the next phase of My London Works – pushing to make change happen via an exciting new collaboration. We hope you’ll stay with us on our journey and share your own experiences.

And so the adventure begins! Don’t just watch this space – join this space! Be a changemaker, be a catalyst in your organisation, make great stuff happen. Help us help you feel great about waking up in the morning!


“True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done – the zest of creating new things.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery