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Living and working in London is a high energy choice – but all those perks of city life can take it out of a person. If you want to be a successful city dweller, you’re duty bound to look after yourself – and that means taking full advantage of your valuable lunch break.

If you’re one of the many who use their lunch break to devour a desk sandwich and surf facebook, it’s probably time to have a quiet word with yourself – after all, lunch breaks can offer SO MUCH MORE. We’ve chosen the top FIVE gifts that your lunch break aches to offer you, and presented them in handy summary form so you can read up quickly and get out there, into the real life open air.


Varied, exciting sustenance

You’re probably well aware that London is a world leader in International cuisine, but are you making the most of it? No matter where you live and work in London, you’re inevitably a short distance away from more varieties of food than you can shake a floury bap at. If you find yourself sticking to the same old diet, pull yourself together and remind yourself how exciting your lunchtimes COULD be.

Easy food for guzzling on the hoof is all the trend right now, with variations on all gastronomical movements from clean eating to street to raw food. Being intolerant of a range of foodstuffs doesn’t have to separate you from the gastro-scene either. There is literally something for everyone if you take a little time to research your work environs and neighbourhood. Get stuck in!


Healthy movement for your hardworking body

Lunchtime isn’t just the most suitable hour for calorie injestion, it’s also a great time to get your limbs moving around and blood flowing around your vital organs. Use this precious hour to fully power up the amazing machine that is your body.

Sitting at desks for hours on end (as many of us still do) takes a huge toll on our bodies – giving our spines and posture a veritable beating. Do your bod a huge favour and get some steps in over your break time, at least a couple of times a week.

Not every day is a park day, but why not get some steps in at one of London’s galleries, museums or tourist attractions?

Or, why not use your hour as gym time and take advantage of some of the huge range of gym menus and superpower smoothies, designed for those who want to expend a little more energy in their hour out. Ideal solution? Mix it up!


An opportunity to cement relationships

Your lunch break doesn’t require you to be a lone ranger. Hooking up with friends, locals and co-workers can force us to think out of the box during our lunch break. Walking and talking is a great way to get to know people and build relationships during breaks or try a gentle park walk instead of booking a meeting room.

Why not invite a colleague to join you for an interesting and mentally stimulating lunch break? You may find the invite reciprocated and enjoy an unusual outing in return.


Valuable head time out of your daily routine

Treat your mind as well as your body. Taking a healthy lunch break leaves you re-invigorated and much more able and motivated to tackle the remainder of the day head-on. It’s no secret that a good bloodflow to the brain and brainfood will help you work much smarter – aiding decision-making and stimulating creativity.

A successful work day is rarely about the hours spent sitting in your chair. Make your day count by leaving it.


A chance to explore your beautiful city

London is a gift that keeps on giving. By setting yourself regular missions to enjoy the city’s cuisine, move your body, exercise your mind and build relationships, you’ll naturally find yourself exploring London in new ways. Start with your lunch break and the rest will follow.

Allow yourself to get excited by the magnificent, colourful and ever-changing melting pot that is our capital city. Remember why you wanted to come here in the first place? Yes, that’s why! Now, go and smash it!