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Promoting harmony, motivation and diversity in the workplace might sound rather cliché, but there are a bunch of practical ways to achieve all three – and this blog offers 6 month’s worth of suggestions! The key to achieving the pinnacle of harmony in any workplace is to get as many people as possible involved in a common cause – and rolling out monthly programmes throughout the year is a great way to do this – generating fresh streams of focus and motivation that start at the beginning of each month, and play through to the end. An example of this might be LGBT Day – why make it an easily missable DAY focus when you can make it a MONTH-long one – and achieve so much more?

Employees – don’t be too shy to ask your employer to help and allocate you some time and resources to organise monthly programmes – you’ll probably be surprised how responsive they are. Get colleagues to help and maybe even some key influencers to buy-in and input some of their time, resources and expertise. Embrace suggestions from colleagues too – ideas and input will help make each programme meaningful and encourage further contribution. We’ll help you along here with six months of suggestions, just to get the ball rolling. You may find that there are already some causes closer to home that provide a good starting point – and if you can make them relevant, so much the better.



January is the obvious month to kick off a programme with maximum vim and vigour. Whether the New Year heralds the detox, the retox, the botox or just the bulging inbox, there’s no denying that motivation is at a super-peak. This is a great time for businesses to harness unbridled organisational motivation, box it up, set fire to it and charge up the entire workforce until it’s fizzing at the seams and raring to burst forth.

Employers, ask your employees about their aspirations this year. Is health a big focus? If so, why not bring in a Personal Trainer to devise a January fitness programme for those who want to up their fitness game?

For those who want to save up for property renovation, a new car or imminent baby, why not bring in a financial advisor to help set up a savings plan for those employees? January is notoriously a grey month, so why not flip it and make ‘new leaf’ January something to really get excited about?



Valentine February is the month of love for many, but not for all. Why not put a new institutional spin on the month where love runs rife in the office. We’re not talking pink hearts and balloons, but rather a shift in attitude towards our co-workers where we encourage the building of solid relationships and the strengthening of teams.

Take a look at some of the writings and interviews with the Dalai Lama for inspiration about kindness, you may find some simple ways to promote some of the maxims behind his quotes, such as “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible”.

Why not make February an ANTI-Valentines month that everyone can get involved in? You can make that mean what you like, but cutting out all that over-sentimental and overpriced rubbish would be a blessing for all of us :)



International Women’s Day (IWD), originally called International Working Women’s Day, is celebrated on March 8 every year. Depending on where you are, the focus of the celebration ranges from general celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women for their economic, political and social achievements.

There is still a lack of balance when it comes to gender equality – especially in the workplace – and a programme like this can serve as a useful reminder to recognise the challenges an organisation faces and the responsibilities it has for supporting female team members. It’s time to appreciate all the women in your team and do something more to make them feel cherished.



Kicking off with the infamous ‘April Fool’, this month is great to remind ourselves that it’s healthy not to take life too seriously sometimes. Planting Whoopee Cushions in the board room may be a step too far (or maybe not?), but April 1st has ‘officially’ become ‘International fun at work day’ – so why not celebrate the lighter things in life for the full 30 days? Ask for suggestions on how this might work. Form a committee and bring in at least one senior influencer who is game.



Pugs not drugs! We LOVE animals and May is a great month to celebrate and do more for them – raising awareness of valuable animal and wildlife charities. Check out our ‘bring a dog to work day’ blog for practical ways to encourage dogs at work (yes, it’s becoming more mainstream to install your pooch by your desk) and don’t forget to hug your cat on ‘hug your cat day’ on May 3rd (I know, seriously?)

May 3rd – 9th is ‘be kind to animals’ week and 9th – 16th is national pet week, but who needs a reason to try to make positive change to animal welfare? Uber did a ‘kitten delivery’ to workplaces to get the kitties re-homed and Battersea Dogs Home also works with businesses in the same vein. Check them out!



June is officially Men’s health month. Men are notoriously rubbish at going to the doctors when they’re ill and can frequently be seen dragging partially severed limbs around the office or chairing meetings with late stage Leprosy. Organise for all the men in the office to have a man MOT and allocate some time for them to get a check-up. Of course, you’ll need to be canny to the point of deviousness about this, but rest assured, everyone benefits and we all know that identifying potential issues early can be a life-saver. Without wanting to over-generalise too much, beer rewards for bravery are usually appreciated :)


These are fun little programmes that can make a real difference. You get the message, why not give it a try.