A quiet word about Christmas

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Oh look – it’s another crazy, alcohol-fuelled sprint up to Christmas day. Are you frantically list-making, rushing to shop during your lunch break? Burning the candle on a grand scale? Are your energies well and truly focused on your immediate network of friends and family? Are you in the ‘December bubble’?

This short blog exists for one purpose only; to encourage you to take a small step outside of your private festive glitterball – just for a moment. During this moment, think about those who are silently suffering while the rest of us celebrate.

We’re not all celebrating Christmas for starters. It’s so easy to forget this. After all, our senses are physically assaulted from all sides by advertising and retail madness. If you’re doing Secret Santa in the office, be the one to point out that the whole concept of it doesn’t even apply to all of us. Be the person who thinks about THAT person.

When we excitedly talk about Christmas day with our families, the gastronomic feast, the presents and the annoying habits of our families. Spare a thought for the person who isn’t contributing to the conversation because they won’t be with their family this year. What are they doing on Christmas day? Perhaps you could be that person who cares enough to find out.

Some of us party harder over December than any other time of the year. Some of us grieve harder. With love and grief being so inextricably combined, whether we like it or not, Christmas time can be a time of unrivalled sadness.

We can all do more. Whether we encourage humanitarian and charity schemes at work, or whether we simply extend our hands towards silent sufferers – can we all make a bigger effort to be that person?

You probably know someone who will feel the hard side of Christmas this year through loneliness, disability or grief. What small thing could you do to show them that they’re not alone?