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How would you like to wake up in the morning, remember who you are and what day it is – and then, as you stretch gratefully into the new day, contentedly think “right, let’s crack on, I’ve got a great day of work ahead.”

Perhaps your reality is close to this already, but perhaps this seems like a dream scene from a parallel universe. Either way, there’s a conversation to be had, and Twitter’s a great place to engage and be heard, so why not come and chat with us?

If you’ve already been following us on Twitter, you will know that our key mission is to make positive changes to the way we live, work and play in London – and that means changing our mind-set as well as taking action. Thankfully, we’re not alone in this – more and more businesses, brands and individuals are playing a part in this incredibly rewarding evolution. Today we want to shine the spotlight on a handful of those people who are helping the mission become a reality in their own unique way.


Twitter: @gooddayatwork

This in an online community of wellbeing enthusiasts who are pushing to make wellbeing a part of working life. Just like us, their aim is to create more good days at work for everyone, everywhere.

Powered by Robertson Cooper, Good Day At Work partners with businesses to transform cultures and improve employee wellbeing from the inside out. Through this kind of engagement, they discovered over the last few years that workplace wellbeing is really just about creating good days at work.

When you walk in the door at the end of a long day what’s the question you’re most likely to be asked? “Did you have a good day at work?”

As wellbeing specialists, they looked into why that question is so universal. And it turns out to be straightforward: it’s because having a good day is the clearest expression of what work is about for each and every employee across the globe.

Follow them on Twitter, join the conversation – and why not attend or contribute to their event in March?



Twitter: @cleanairlondon

Simon Birkett is Founder and Director of Clean Air in London and has been giving updates about air pollution since 2006!

Air pollution in our biggest cities is much worse than most of us have realised, averaging well over twice World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines and legal limits when near many of London’s busiest roads. It’s been estimated that some 4,300 premature deaths in London in 2008 were attributable to long-term exposure to dangerous airborne particles, which puts this initiative into some perspective.

Clean Air in London’s Mission is to achieve WHO guidelines for air quality throughout London (and elsewhere), working closely with other campaign groups, supporters and volunteers to build understanding – and to act. Clean Air in London believes that, if we comply fully with relevant laws, Britain can show the world how to successfully tackle air quality, climate change, and sustainability issues.

This is a not-for-profit organisation, and Simon Birkett has been given the London 2012 Sustainability Ambassador’s Award for his outstanding contribution to achieving a truly sustainable Olympic and Paralympic Games, in particular for his focused commitment to tackling air quality, climate change and sustainability issues.

We all deserve clean air. Follow Simon and help share the facts.



Twitter: @SophieRunning

Sophie Walker is leader of the Women’s Equality Party (@WEP_UK). Her mission is to make politics collaborative, diverse and intersectional. As if this didn’t give her enough to do, Sophie is also an ambassador for @Autism.

Every day in the UK, women face inequality at home, at work, in politics and in public life, making the UK a worse place to live for everybody. Although women make up 51 per cent of the population, they are only 29 per cent of MPs, 25 per cent of judges and 24 per cent of FTSE 100 directors. This means that in politics, the law, and in business, women’s voices are not getting heard. For years, Sophie has been successfully working to make changes to these stats. Go Sophie!

On hearing that Catherine Mayer and Sandi Toksvig were planning to create a political party to establish equality for women, Sophie was one of the first founding members to put up her hand. Deeply frustrated by the glacial pace of change for females in the UK, she rolled up her sleeves and along with a growing group of dedicated people, started to build what became Britain’s newest and fastest-growing political party with 73 local branches and over 45,000 members and registered supporters.

Sophie was selected as the first party leader in July 2015 and was profiled in the Telegraph newspaper at the time with the headline: “This generation’s Emmeline Pankhurst?”

Join her conversation and help make positive change for women!



Twitter: @Farmopolis

Farmopolis is a floating oasis in the middle of London. Hosting live music, talks and workshops that connect you back to nature – because being in the city can sometimes disconnect us.

Farmopolis is an incubator for sustainability and innovation designed to bring nature into the city – an ideas hub, innovation platform and conversation space for people to discuss the future of food, farming, culture and technology. Farmopolis sits on Greenwich Peninsula’s Old Coal Jetty, and contains a gorgeously-landscaped greenhouse, cafe, restaurant, and performance space with rather nice views of the Thames.

In July 2016, Farmopolis launched The Great Plant Rescue, transforming the jetty into a floating garden using reclaimed plants from the 2016 RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Farmopolis is driven by a unique partnership between Secret Productions – best known for co-organising award winning creative festivals around the world, and Wayward – the pioneering art, design and farming practice, and Greenwich Peninsula – London’s largest regeneration project.

Wayward is an inspirational landscape, art, and architecture practice based in London. It transforms forgotten sites into spaces that engage local communities and inspire audiences (have a look at their website and check out their amazing projects).

Farmopolis has an extensive calendar of events, so there’s literally something for everyone. Look forward to seeing you there!



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