6 influencers in the London #futureofwork

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Every hour of every day, changes are being made in our vibrant city, to make the future of work a PRESENT reality.

Our research over the last few months has allowed us to keep a close eye on the influencers of the future on social media – large, small, startup, established, credible and hopeful.

Today we’d like to showcase a small handful of future-shapers and give some additional airtime to the valuable work they do in London.



This award-winning organisation promotes, recognises and rewards female talent. Founded in 2003 by Gwenllian Rhyrs (@gwenllianrhys) FRSA, this business aims to empower, inspire and motivate professional businesswomen, to recognise their work and celebrate their successes.

There is a bright spotlight on organisations right now, exposing key issues such as unequal pay, sexist traditions and problems facing mothers at work. Women in the City ramps up the volume of the conversation, increasing its impact and visibility and carving out the future of equality and empowerment. Don’t just watch this space, get involved.




The School of Life is the brainchild of the brilliant Alain de Botton, and is rocking positive change. Its aim is to develop emotional intelligence through the help of culture, providing a range of super-engaging, thought provoking and downright brilliant books, films, products and courses.

With headquarters in London but operating around the globe, the School of Life addresses such issues as how to find fulfilling work, how to master the art of relationships, how to understand one’s past, how to achieve calm and how better to understand and, where necessary, change the world.





Relatively new to the scene, the Perkbox team aim to improve the experience of being an employee by providing access to a whole range of financially rewarding treats and perks.

Based on the premise that “teams who feel valued accomplish great things” – Perkbox feels like an added extra to an employee wellness scheme, allowing individuals to get discounts on life’s essential expenditures and small luxuries such as restaurants, experiences, insurances and so on.

This is a light-touch reward scheme that’s easy to sign up to and get the REWARD ball rolling in the workplace.



Healthy employees make for happy employees. Unum are hot on social and are promoting a healthy future of work via wellness strategies and employee packages that cover everything from dental care to critical illness.

Businesses that are looking to provide a wellness package (shouldn’t that be all of them?) would do well to get some initial counsel from these guys.





What makes work feel good? Human Spaces explores the role of biophilic design (incorporating nature into your build) in the workplace. The aim? To create environments that support employee health and well-being.

As the name suggests, this is all about designing spaces with the human-being in mind, so whilst this ‘digital hub’ has resources covering health and wellbeing, the insights in biophilic design provide particular food for thought. Check it out!




Wellbeing Pulse is the blog of the Bank Workers Charity (BWC) and covers four key pillars of workplace wellbeing: mental, physical, social and financial, helping businesses adopt their strategies in these areas. Their blogs are relevant and interesting and provide insights into these four areas.

If you’re looking for an information resource that picks up on new thinking, stick around.

We want to continue to spotlight businesses making positive change. Want to tell us about your own contribution to the future of work?

Talk to us @mylondonworks on Twitter and let us tell your story on this blog. Get involved, make change, and together let’s re-shape the work/life agenda.