MY London works
is a Workplace

The world of work has changed and is changing
Find out why and join our movement

Does work really need to
be like this?

The same job, the same routine, not engaging, no progression, poor rewards and no fun.

Work is a central part of our lives, after all on average we spend 90,000 hours at work during our lifetime. So it needs to be a place that challenges, inspires and makes us happy…not stuck in the past and bogged down with dated ideas.

WE ARE here to modernise
the workplace

We’re throwing out the rulebook and introducing a new way of working.

A way that benefits us all…individuals, companies and organisations. We’re sharing our approach and that of others, so we can make a massive impact on the way we work.

Some ideas to help you make
one change!

It’s the beginning of making your workplace better for everyone.

We’ve broken our message into four pillars so we can help you take action today, make change and confine out-dated employee engagement strategies to the distant past.

Imagine if you woke up every morning excited
about going to work

Discover below all of the little things that can make you love your job.

Goodman Masson

Learn how the changes we were making within our own offices inspired us to share the knowledge we learnt.

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Hello! MyLondonWorks is a movement started by Finance and Technology recruitment agency, Goodman Masson. For many our strategic ambition ‘To treat our people better than any other business’ is unusual…but something we take very seriously. We live in a world where every morning we wake excited about going to work, do you? It’s time to make London a great place to work.